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Feelers and Discerners Mini E-Course

Stop getting thrown around by spiritual atmospheres. Learn how to harness your discernment and feeling gift. Get off the emotional rollercoaster and get settled in your divine identity.


  • Those who experience highs and lows in their emotions.

  • Those who struggle with doubt and unbelief.

  • Those who question their identity in Christ.

  • Those who go through spiritual warfare often

This Course Includes:

Along with a 32 page downloadable Feelers and Discerners PDF Manual this course includes the following videos. Each video has an identical audio for easy listening.

  • Understanding Spiritual Atmospheres (4 Minutes)

  • Sanctified Emotions (3 Minutes)

  • Grounded in Righteousness (8 Minutes)

  • Identity Matters (9 Minutes)

  • Peace as a Substance (5 Minutes)

  • Developing Peace in your Life (4 Minutes)

  • Joy over Depression (3 Minutes)

  • Joy and Love (4 Minutes)

  • Your Soul Made Whole (2 minutes)

  • Legal Authority of the Believer by Carla Pratico (15 Minutes)


"When I did Kalel's feelers and discerners course he described everything I was experiencing which was amazing because I suddenly felt UNDERSTOOD"

by Amanda Jane

I’ve always struggled with being sensitive to environments, when I walk into a room I can pick up on physical and emotional pain and trauma people are carrying, I can feel it physically in my own body, I can walk into a room full of people and suddenly feel anxious or depressed or suicidal or suddenly have a sore shoulder or back ect, I used to be so overwhelmed by this gift of discernment I would at first think it was mine and take on the feeling and meditate on all the reasons why I am depressed or anxious for example or I would just feel overwhelmed and run from the room and cry. To those close to me they didn’t understand me and thought I was bi-polar. My family had even tried to put me in a mental institution which was a terrifying experience. When I did Kalels feelers and discerners course he described everything I was experiencing which was amazing because I suddenly felt UNDERSTOOD and he gave me tools to recognise if it’s mine or someone elses, he helped me understand It is a gift from God to bring others breakthrough, that God trusts me with these sensitive issues people are facing and He has given me authority over it. I found that when I prayed with someone who had a sore back in the area I was discerning a sore back, for example, I would see it leave my body and they would get healed 100% I am now ruling my gift instead of letting it rule me, thanks to Kalels course.

"be "ready" when you watch the bonus session with his wife Carla, it is powerful!"

Chad Gillian

Kalel's Feelers and Discerners course was a breath of fresh air for me!! The purchase price should be double or triple what it is!! I really enjoyed how he presented things in a simple but clear way, particularly for someone who is fairly new to the prophetic. His explanations about the ways that prophetic people operate and function gave me new clarity!! And, just be "ready" when you watch the bonus session with his wife Carla, it is powerful!


Kalel Pratico

Kalel Pratico has served in Church leadership roles for more than 15 years. His heart is to help equip the body of Christ to understand and flow in the supernatural. Kalel is the Founder of Prophetic Nation, a ministry that seeks to equip believers in understanding the language of Heaven.

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Get grounded in your senses.

Have you often felt tormented by your emotions? Do they seem out of control and unpredictable? Maybe you find you can’t even walk into rooms or new spaces because it just feels dark or “icky”? Or maybe you find it difficult to love others because you sense there is something “off’ but you can’t put your finger on it? Well, you aren’t alone. What you have been unknowingly living with is the Gift of Discernment. This gift is a really special one that when used without guidance can often feel more like a curse than a blessing! This gift was always meant to serve as a weapon for the body of Christ, but many feelers & discerners find they have been holding the knife by the sharp end, and it is causing more pain than it is victory over the enemy! That is why I put together this power-packed mini-course. It is designed to take you from living in torment to prevailing over Powers & Principalities of the air. You will learn how to: 1. Develop your spiritual equilibrium while in demonically charged atmospheres 2. Steward this gifting as a weapon 3. Align yourself in the spirit 4. Stand in your spiritual authority over demonic realms 5. Ground yourself in identity so you can build the Kingdom the way you were always designed to While I know this course is worth much more, I wanted to make it available to you at the lowest price possible so that you don’t spend one more minute in emotional turmoil or defeat! This course has no fluff, no unnecessary or confusing pieces of training. It is short and straight to the point so you can start thriving as a feeler & discerner TODAY!